Sunday, October 11, 2009

RECIPES: Boneless Buffalo Ckn & Upside Down Apple Cake

Quite the combo of recipes huh? Well we had a few friends over for football yesterday, and my appetizer recipes are a bit pathetic so hunting I went! Wings are a favorite, but with no wings in site I made the most of it with the boneless skinless I had. The Apple Cake happened to join the party because I got over a 100lbs of apples to make applesauce! I had to serve something with them!

Boneless Buffalo Chicken
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YUMMMY! Ok, I wouldn't share it if it wasn't! Our game day was planned rather last minute, and we did not have any wings on hand - so my search began for the perfect replacement - and this one is a winner! The recipe calls out using a dutch oven with vege oil - I could see a Fry Daddy doing a good job too. Since we were making this recipe x4 we pulled out the Turkey Fryer with peanut oil and it did a quick bang up job!

Upside Down Apple Cake
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Divine! Scott thought this cake tasted similar to an upside down pineapple cake - I would guess because of the caramelized process to the fruit. It was pretty darn simple to make - using butter to grease the pan released the cake w/o any problems. This cake is a big winner in my book ... but with 100lbs + of apples that I have to process, I'm guessing there will be many other recipes to follow soon!
This morning I had a piece for breakfast, so I can testify it is more delicious when slightly warm :)


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