Sunday, March 8, 2009

Room Remodel

I have never enjoyed, nor appreciated having a formal living room. Over the last 6 years I may have sat in ours once. So this weekend I got that wild hair and turned it into a usable space. My girls won the toss .. again! But heck .. someone might as well enjoy the area. I'm happy to have one little corner for my treadmill.

It really started around 3 years ago when I converted the final (never used) dining room into a fuller than life playroom. See photo below.
It now extends the opposite direction right into the formal living. For the last 6 months I have put the cushions back on the couch on average 3x per day, the girls throw them off to jump on the springs and jump off onto the floor. Now, it is home to every stuffed animal the girls own! Gosh how I hope the animals don't get tossed ... shall I hold my breath on that one?! ha
One of the best parts of this is that we can plenty of room to pull out the Jump'n Hoops which blows up to 8'x8'! Party/play date at our house anytime! I know they are spoiled, but hey .. someone has to be!!

One thing you can count on, our next house will not have any "formal" areas!

I've been CRAZY busy and stressed lately - hoping to find time to start blogging again sooN!

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