Sunday, May 17, 2009

Memorable MomentZ 5/17/09

I started out strong with this blog and boy did my gas run out fast! Memorable MomentZ are going by faster than I find time to write down.

These days she loves everything! And verbalizes it quite well! This morning on the way to church we got stopped at a train crossing. "I LOVE TRAINS"

Bugs amaze her! She loves to catch them and keep them as long as they move, haha. She had a hay day with caterpillars a couple of weeks ago - she captured 3 of them and carried them around in a box... with no air. Poor guys will never grow those wings.
Along with bugs she loves getting dirty! She sit near a dirt pile and play... the simplest things amuse her - I love it.

A fun day in the kitchen... some cookies did make it into the oven :)

Since Chrysler has gone bankrupt, I hope we can find a way to get her Barbie JEEP serviced in the future, haha. She demands to get outside everyday .. and I have to tell you she has mastered driving this toy! It has low/high and reverse. Up to a week ago she only knew about LOW.. those days are gone! She now manuevers back and forth in full force! It actually shocks me (even though she obviously has a lot of "Rajala" in her!) that she can drive it so well! And boy she digs testing it's ability to climb hills and do curbs, LOL!

It should be obvious while she is in the outdoors she has no fear of getting dirty! Inside is another story - she instantly turns into a princess! Its so fun to watch her enjoy so many different things! She will put on her dress up outfits ... high heels and a tootoo, and prance around the house.. clanking the heels on the hardwoods like a tap dancer :)

Have I mentioned Sophie scares me? LOL Her temperament (red head) is not something I am accustomed to! While I have been harassed about the "sisu" in me .. I say the fire in a red head wins!

Sophie is a sponge and learning fast(er), as I'm sure 2nd kids do. Its hard to think.. and slow down... to enjoy the little stages she is going through also.

A couple of weeks ago she had her 2 year checkup. Her doctor commented on how 'translucent' her skin is... and ohh the red lips! Can you spell SUNSCREEN?! :)

If there is any one thing that is for sure (besides that she will TEST us TOO!) ... is that Sophie makes us LAUGH! ANd that hair... wow!

This photo was on the way to Ohio... I think she got REALLY bored!

And while they look sweet .. these girls know how to have fun AND get into trouble! Writing on the walls... on themselves.. and climbing to new heights!

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Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

Looks like you have your hands full with those beautiful and VERY active little girls. They look like so much fun.
Thanks for stopping by my blog...hope to see you again soon.