Friday, June 12, 2009

Our family grows - Meet Ziva!

So the time came... we were ready to bring another dog back into the house. I must say I was enjoying the break from vacuuming the carpets on a near daily basis.. but I did miss having someone to clean up the crumbs from the base of Sophie's highchair and in the kitchen :)

I awoke that morning to find Scott had found a breeder with pups that were ready.. so I read and called to find out they had females available. No better time than the present I said! So by noon we took off for a 3 hour drive to a little town near the South Carolina border - Royston, Georgia. was quite a place - beautiful farm. They are 3rd generation breeders .. all chocolate and yellow labs (among a couple of other breeds). I decided this time around we should get a yellow... I've had one black one years ago, and well now.. I think another brown would simply make me feel sad comparing her to Sisu.

The pups were 6 wks old and we had 2 yellows to choose from. One was rambunctious and almost golden, and the other was near white in color and rather shy. After spending about 15 minutes playing around in the grass we chose.... whitey goes home with us! The seller was watching her take abuse from the girls .. and gosh that near white fur, and even blue eyes! She was born to be my daughter :)

So off we go ... yet another girl added to the Scott Becker family! Her name is Ziva (sounds like Zee-va). She's precious.. and so far a pretty good pup! We are crate training her and of course the whole potty training thing. She does good most of the time, I'm just thankful we have hardwood floors! The biggest challenge is training the girls in how to treat, touch and play with a puppy! Caroline is absolutely obsessed with her at times!

And a few on the the truck ride home... and chilling on the couch.

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