Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Toddler DaZe

I cannot lie. I am trying not to count(ing) the days until the diapers and tantrums are gone and life has some normalcy. That is, if it still exists after becoming parent! It's just that I get so tired of saying NO ... to the same action 3x... 10x a day! Ok, so Im exaggerating - but this is my blog and I'm allowed to! I know what some of you might be thinking - spank 'em right? I do. Sometimes more, sometimes less .. (note to self .. find a new wooden spoon, my hand hurts).

Down here at the Cottage I'm more sensitive. I just know there is a neighbor around to the next cove, or maybe even across the water way, that can hear (what seems to be constant) scolding, yelling and sometimes near pleading with the girls to BEHAVE. Afterall .. a perfect sheet of water is the perfect serving platter for caring voices to great distances.

Sophie is 2-1/2 yrs old .. so I'm guessing I have nearly 2 more years of this. (note to self.. you best find a self help book sooner than later!) Will it get easier... or will I just mellow out?! or better yet, will I find an unlimited supply of patience hiding under the mountain of toys that are put away each and every day? :) To some degree, as Sophie gets older and tries more to be like Caroline - it gets easier. They play together more, in turn they fight more. Caroline is getting so smart and is becoming quite the helper, in turn she is trying to perfect a silly whimper or cry when she doesn't get her way. So ok ... I get it.. it won't ever get easier will it? doh. As the old saying goes.. if there is any one thing that is constant, it's change!

But as I said .. I think/hope/pray that I will be a better mom to the girl's as they get older. I dream of the days of taking them to the State Parks for a hike, visit the numerous museums and such throughout this great city we live in, or to simply shop for the perfectly cute outfit for a special occasion. For now, this is a dream and glimpse into our future. Yes.. I know some parents do not skip a beat and do all those things with babies/toddlers. But in my world, it's just not worth the price. Tantrums in public and the irritability of poor naps is just not the cup of tea I wish to experience in public.

Today I shall concentrate on the (many!) good things the girls are to me. I cannot lie. My life would be empty without their spunky smiles. This week I am spending the whole week alone with them at the cottage... it's girls week :) Tomorrow soon I shall blog about all the blessings they offer and bring to this crazy world of ours.


Danielle said...

Good Lord I hate to even imagine what our neighbors in our old house have heard come out of my mouth on the screened in porch:) Don't be so sensitive, you are a great Mommy Becky Sue, but disciplining our children, no matter who is around, is not only the best gift we can give to them, but to other people as well!! And as much as I am dreading it, I am looking forward to us taking Caroline and Josie to look for a prom dress one day!! I hope you enjoy every minute you have with them this week...just remember, they will NEVER be this little and this dependent on us again!!


Becky Sue said...

Thanks Danielle .. your friendship and support mean more to me than you will ever know! xoxox