Friday, August 21, 2009

1st Haircuts ... professionallY!

So after the dirty looks I got from cutting off Caroline's curls earlier this year, I broke down and brought the girl's to professional for a "real" haircut. And other than bangs being cut and then Caroline's mischievous moment of cutting off a few of Sophie's curls a few months back - this was Sophie's first haircut! The salon was cute .. chairs made to feel like cars and tv's directly in front of each chair to capture their attention. Spoiled kids are nowadays aren't they?

The stylish was great and the girl's were on their best behavior! (note to self.. I seem to be doing something right! haha) She gave both of the girls braids ... turning them into perfect little girls. And what is it that is so cute about seeing short bangs? Just me? Silly... but I think it is adorable. Now if I could only make 'em look that good at home!

Sophie's turn .. look at this head of hair! Granted she has a pony tail in and this was the after effects! I gave strong direction to the stylist to cut as much as she had to.. WITHOUT cutting off all the curls. I wonder if those close to me have forgiven me for cutting off Caroline's... haha Her hair just grew in thicker ... with nothing but a wave.
Leaving the salon ... my gorgeous girls are growing up. Finally got one of Sophie's pirate faces on film!
Caroline showing off her purist look of them all *S* I'm pretty sure they don't make 'em any cuter than this!

Sophie... an impossibility to get her to look and smile at a camera.Sophie sporting her new doo while cruising the culdasac in her (fairly) new ride.

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