Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Day in Ohio

This year we spend Easter with Scott's family in Ohio. What a fun weekend we had visiting for three full days! We drove up so that we could also bring back a beef ... so there were also 2 long days of traveling - 9-10/hours each way. The girls did pretty good watching DVD's. I thought to myself "what did parents do before DVD players in cars?!". Then I remembered my childhood... no seatbeats and riding in the back of a woody wagon was fun in itself!

Here is a slide show of our Easter Day events. Day started at my in-laws/Dave & Bonnie, with the girls hunting for their Easter baskets - then we went to my sister-in-law's (Diane) home for dinner and an egg hunt for all the kids.

Sophie gives her love to all..

Easter Egg Hunt

Sophie missed out on the egg hunt - but we are blessed she is such a good nap taker!

While the drive was long, it was tolerable and worth every minute all of us got to spend with the family. While we love Atlanta.. we do miss our families. I feel even more blessed to have two great families - mine is just much further away!

I had some trouble with the slide shows and sizing the pictures. If you would like to see each picture in full size CLICK HERE

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