Monday, April 6, 2009


This past weekend we escaped for a couple of days to spring clean the cottage, clean up the yard and get the boat tuned up for summer fun. Well Saturday afternoon we finished up in the late afternoon .. so we plopped our butts down to enjoy the late afternoon sun. It was a beautiful day - 77 degrees! There were fisherman running crazy up the canal and we even saw a few wake boarders!
It was a great view.. frosty beverage and a boston butt smoking in the Green Egg - even a moment free of tantrums and demands... I captured it :) Spring days in Georgia are the best!

The lake however was not so attractive... the rains brought up the good ole Georgia clay! But, I will take this on a rare occasion considering the abundance of sunshine and lack of snow here!

So you are asking yourself - what did we survive? Great weather in Georgia? :) No... actually quite the opposite! While we had our feet up on Saturday we heard something that resembled a sonic boom and felt a quite a rumble beneath our seat! Scott thought there might be some blasting near by.. maybe someone blowing up some granite. Then about 5-10 mins later it happened again. THE EARTH SHOOK! What a crazy feeling it was - but honestly we didnt think anything more of it. No way could an earthquake happen in Georgia.. right? Nothing fell off the shelf and no damage was done, so not another thought about it. Until today when I heard through friends that saw it on the news - it really was an earthquake, right at Lake Sinclair!! How wicked is that? Here is the full story..

The United States Geological Survey reports two small earthquakes in Central Georgia on Saturday. According to the USGS website, a 3.1 magnitude earthquake shook Central Georgia around 4:45 p.m. Saturday afternoon. The earthquake was located beneath Lake Sinclair, 7 miles northeast of Milledgeville and 14 miles southeast of Eatonton.
About 10 minutes later, the USGS reported another quake with a magnitude of 2.2 in Hancock County. Mercer University Physics Department Chairman Randall Peters was tracking the ground shaking activity. Peters says he uses a device called a VolksMeter, a digital seismograph capable of recording seismic waves from around the world.
He says the rainy weather may be to blame for Saturday's events. Peters says lake level changes can trigger smaller earthquakes, and because we've had such a large influx of water into the lake in the last two weeks, that is probably a factor. He says earthquakes are nearly impossible to predict and pretty rare in Central Georgia, especially of this magnitude. "Everybody kind of rushed around trying to figure out what fell and where the noise was coming from. Then we went outside because we couldn't figure it out. I even saw some fishermen out there and I said, 'did you hear that,'" said Louida Salmon. Randall Peters says smaller earthquakes can cause damage to dams, but Georgia Power officials say there were no threats to the Lake Sinclair dam.Peters says his research shows the last recorded earthquake of a similar magnitude nearby was in Haddock, in Jones County, back in 1964. He says that quake registered at a magnitude of 5.

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Jennifer D. said...

That is crazy about the Earthquake - but I'm glad you had a nice weekend other than that.