Tuesday, April 7, 2009

RECIPE: Grill Pizza with Oven Roasted Tomato Sauce

Spring brings perfect grilling weather, and there is never a bad time for PIZZA in our house! This recipe has basic FRESH ingredients that will make your taste buds do a snoopy dance! I can honestly say .. I even love this pizza more than my past time all favorite UNO's deep dish!

The recipe is simple as the ABC's, but it does require time! It takes about 15 mins to make, but it must rise for 2 hours, then it is punched down and divided to in turn rise for 1 more hour. The sauce on the other hand is a breeze - chop and roast in the oven for 45mins. You can roll out 2- 12" pizzas or create 4 minis. As for toppings? The sauce is so fresh and delicious on it's own that I enjoy fresh mozzarella alone! Maybe a sprinkle or two of fennel for variation. My dear husband on the other hand is a meat head through and through..haha The more meat the better... and that's ok because custom orders are EASY here!

Take the time.. enjoy this crunchy pizza with those you love! BTW - do not skip the step of brushing the dough when it's on the grill when you turn over the dough - it is key to the PERFECT crunch!

Click on the recipe name below to access the full printable version! By the way, you will only use about 2/3 of the sauce - I save it for serving a small side the next day. Mix with a small amount of pasta (like bow tie), fresh mozzarella or parmasan cheese!

Oven Roasted Tomato Sauce

Grill Pizza Dough

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