Saturday, July 18, 2009

Visit from Ohio family!

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This week we were absolutely thrilled to have family come visit for few days! My father-in-law, Dave (Grandpa Becker as Caroline calls him, or PaPa to Sophie!) and my brother-in-law Dave, came down from Ohio for a 4 day visit ... flying down on Dave's Skylane 4 seat plane that is! Wednesday I traveled down by truck with the girls and that afternoon they picked Scott up at the Gwinnett County Airport, which is pretty close to our home. Then the girls and I picked them up at the Baldwin County Airport down here on Lake Sinclair!

Our time here was for the most part typical for that at the lake. A whole lot of sun, boating, skiing, BBQ'ing and just sitting back enjoying the views. But this time Scott was able to get a good amount of water skiing and air chair time in! We do not risk water sports when we are alone here with the girls, so having family/friends is great - especially when they know how to drive a boat :D The relaxing moments sitting back listening to the guys share stories was equally enjoyed! Living 8-9 hrs away, we just don't have many opportunities for simple times like we shared this week!

Here is a slide show of some of the fun boating moments..

One incredible adventure and opportunity we had was getting a plan ride with Caroline above Lake Sinclair and Oconee! Caroline was so calm, I was half expecting her to freak out a little bit on the take off and landing, but she did perfectly. Well as perfect as I did, haha! Scott sat in the front with Dave and that left the back seat for Caroline and I. We were only up for about 20-25 minutes, but that was just enough time for the tailwind to make Caroline and I slightly queasy! All in all though we enjoyed it tremendously! I got some excellent video & pictures. All the photos I took are over Sinclair - I wish I wouldve taken some over Oconee, as it is like a different world up there! Lake Oconee is just north of us and is connected to Sinclair by the Wallace Dam (which is in the photo slideshow). The difference is that Oconee is #1 only an hour commute from Atlanta, whereas we are 2hrs .. and additionally it is much larger. So the homes, hotels, golf courses, etc are plentiful and very nice - to say the least. You can clearly see the $$ by looking at all the roof tops and swimming pools! We flew about 600 feet above ground, so we experienced some great views.

Here are some highlights - see the slideshow further down for more photos. In the near future I will try to upload some video too!

Dave's Skylane plane @ the Baldwin County Airport
The pilot .. Dave!

This is an aerial photo of... our boat & dock anyhoo! Our cottage is hiding under all those trees!
Shot of Caroline & I up in the sky!
Its a bird...?

A plane!  Dave & Dave homeward bound! 7/18

Nope .. its a plane! Dave and Dave Ohio bound after 4 days of sun and fun in Georgia! I think they are a bit wore out from all the fresh air and sun :) We sure did appreciate and enjoy the visit - hopefully next time Lisa (Scott's sister who is married to Dave) will be adventurous enough to fly down here with him! Lisa... it's all good, unless you are in the back seat! hehe

A bird ??

And a short slide show of the sightings we had on our time in the air...

To all our family and friends... our door is always open!
The lake is most fun when we get to share it with loved ones!

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Shannon Fledderjohann said...

this is a cool blog. i wish i could come down there and stay with you guys.