Monday, February 16, 2009

Memorable MomentZ 2/16/09

Crazy week. But.. that record is broken isn't it?! I am starting to feel like a poster child of the commercial or cliche of how time flies by! There is never a dull moment and it's rare I feel rested - and I certainly am never caught up! This week's post is going to be short .. cause well, I'm feeling that way. The evening started out well ... took the girls for a sauna, read several books to both of them and though COOL they are both going to go to sleep at the same time! WRONG! Here I am 1 hour later and I have been up and down the stairs 6x for Caroline. Potty.. thirsty.. booboo on her toe.. UGHHH. This is not typical of her (these days anyway), so each time I felt obligated to respond to her full fledged cries. The drama just drains me... so tonight, I have not many memories to share!

Pictures of the girls' tonight after sauna... wearing their new PJ's from Godmother Stacy on Valentine's Day.

Speaking of Valentine's Day... I hope everyone had a wonderful Hallmark day! My husband showed his true love and creativity in his presentation of a present this year! He claims he used the good ole duck tape because he wrapped it while I was sleeping on Vday morning... humf. I was not terribly impressed - April Fool's yes, Valentine's Day? NO! lol

And inside.... a very cute necklace :) It matches the tattoo I have on my hip .. back when I got certified in scuba. I do love it ... thanks honey! xo
So football has past.. and here it is NASCAR Season again! yeahhh!! We had a small get together for the Daytona 500 on Sunday - it was awesome to visit with old friends *grin* I sure miss getting out to visit like we use to. Maybe this summer will change that!
So the Daytona was a disappointment this year I should be excited since I won in the pool we had, but there is just something that sux about the winner being called because of rain. It's like the Super Bowl ending ending after 3rd quarter. It's just wrong!
So .. I am looking forward to the season ahead! Maybe this year I will actually get to go to a race again! I am wayyy overdue! Go HENDRICK's MOTORSPORTS! Jeff and Jimmy are my boys..


Anonymous said...

I am glad you went with the short cut, it is cute in the other new pics.

Danielle said...

I love the pics of the girls...they are so beautiful!! I sure wish I had your sauna right about now :( So sorry we missed Sunday but hopefully we will be able to get to come next time!! I do think that a family dinner/get together is in order though don't you?? Let's plan it!!