Monday, February 2, 2009

Memorable MomentZ 2/2/09

Ok, so Caroline has been saying "Bless You" for quite sometime now when we sneeze. In fact she even says it to herself! But this week SOPHIE said it clear as day to me - I about dropped on the floor! She is only 20 months old ... smartie pants she is! In fact, she has become quite the chatty lil thing! Need to catch some on tape - its just so dern cute! It's amazing - over night she started talking, or so it seems!

It has become obvious that Caroline carries the same talent and desire to draw creative pictures as her mom! Enjoy her best work..Yes, that is a wall. She really thinks highly of her work because thereafter she directed me to 3 other works of art that were out of my normal view! $%@! This was crayon, so the mighty Magic Eraser removed (most) of it. I wasn't so lucky last week when she got her hands a on permanent marker - guess what, no Magic will remove that from walls!

Here is some very cute moments of my attempt to get a good photo for Valentine wishes! Caroline attempts to get Sophie to stop sucking her thumb long enough for the photo. But when she does, Caroline sticks out her tongue! So in the end C gives up and goes in for some sweet kisses for her lil sis instead! She may have had more luck if it wasn't moments before Sophie's nap time!

One evening when Caroline had a duty to perform in the bathroom I asked her if she wanted a book to entertain her.. she said yes - Boats! She wanted to page through daddy's boating magazines. Apple didnt fall far .. this girl loves water and boats! And.. take note that she is 3 yrs old and she already likes to read while she leaves a shits poop!

Sunday Caroline got her hair chopped off first hair cut
! Don't say it! I know the long blonde hair was just boo'ful, but YOU don't have to brush it everyday. I also had to put it up every single day, along with washing the food of every meal out of it. So, after a conversation with my best friend Lisa... the wild hair crawled right up my ass butt! :) I did not like it at first; nor did I plan it to be quite this short! But, my precious girl would not sit still - making it a huge challenge! Today, Monday... I am loving it! She is so dern cute whippin her head back and forth.. so I know she loves the feel of it too. She is definitely a Mini Me now! I know next time to go MUCH longer, because already the curl is coming back she use to have - so it's getting shorter by the minute!

Caroline is still loving her play kitchen (and her tea set!). Everyday she fills up her little tea pot with some water and brings a plate of snacks to me for breakfast. And most importantly delivers it with a BIG smile! How can I refuse this?!

I will close with a few of sweet photos of the girls enjoying a typical Atlanta winter day! No worries.. Sophie only gets her bangs cut these days :) Why is it that pot bellies on babies is cute? hehe
Caroline is really starting to enjoy exploring and playing in the outdoors! Makes me wish to be a kid again!


Danielle said...

I LOVE all the pictures Becky Sue!! When can we get together again? Josie keeps talking about going to see Carowine and Sophie :) Call or email me!!


Matt said...

I love the pictures too! Caroline looks like a mini you with her hair cut! SO cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's Stacy by the way! :)