Monday, February 2, 2009

WANTED: your opinion

Ok.. so here's the thing. Ever since I changed my style from just plain ole boring long hair I cannot seem to keep a style. True be told it because I hate going to get it cut - especially when it costs $40-45! I've tried paying less, but end up coming home with a hack job because the stylist doesn't have a clue how to cut fine, limp hair like mine. ANyhooo... now I am with a style that is grown out and looks like crapola. I'm debating which way to go.

The style I am pimping is the first style shown below,
but longer. So in other words, it does not look that good.

This is a cute bob cut with an angle (shorter in the back). I like this style, but it now seems ever woman is getting it! This time last year I was proud to be amongst the first in town. So is it "out" already?

Plus side, looks pretty good even if I don't fix it everyday

Or do I go back to this style - bob with flip up ends. Downside, it only looks good when I curl it.

This again is a sad example of me growing out the previous style. Not so cute.

Or I can resort back to just long. I did like long hair, but the fact of the matter is 90% of the time it ends up being in a pony tail! And the other 10% of the time it only looked good the first 1-2 hours after styling it. So.. I gave in to a cut to the shoulders back in 2005.

So other than making my DH happy to have a long blonde haired wife again, I cant think of good reason to go back to this. I think it even aged me a bit.

Or.. how about I just jump back to 1989? Maybe I could FEEL young again! hehe I should have won an award for the most perfect hair!

You may be asking why not shorter yet? Well that I have a BIG problem with. My mother was not very kind to me as a child and I refuse to be humiliated ever again!

So.. what's your vote?!
  1. Bob with angle
  2. Bob with flip up (or I can flip under, but I think the fashion police would come find me)
  3. Just long - being lost in time is back in style?
  4. 1989
  5. Other __________?


Danielle said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Personally, I LOVE the 1989 look!!!!! Just kidding :) You always make me laugh Becky Sue! Seriously, I like the bob with the flip up ends. The summer when I was pregnant with Simpson I cut 10 inches off of my first I really liked it and then I realized that I had to style it everyday :( Who has time for that with a toddler to chase around? So I started growing it out immediately b/c I couldn't stand having to fix it everyday! Of course it didn't grow until I finally stopped nursing in it's out of control :) It's grown like 4 inches since then! Long hair is just easier for me, because I can put it in a pony tail everyday or wear a hat easily if I need to hide dirty hair :) Ha! Let me know what you decide!!!!


Denise & Joe said...

I like the angled bob but your right everyone has it. I think I'm going to let mine grow out a cuople of inches.

Anonymous said...

I think your current style or the #2!


Anonymous said...

Okay, I bit ...They all look great - your a mother of two young kids - what's easiest for you? If your into being the "hottest mom on the block" talk to your hairdresser for a brand new never worn cut by anyone in the city. Nice to see you kept the same color lipstick since 1989!!!
Cindy Albright

Anonymous said...

Okay if so .. I think a combo.
First style only looks good if you style if everyday. This was the rage in California when I let. 2.5 years ago. Didn’t like it then, don’t like it now, if you want the truth. Very expensive to maintain!!

Second I think with your forhead you would look good with bangs, as in long haried picture. This is something you can trim yourself and you can use a curl brush to do somehitng different instead of letting them go straight… for a change every now and then.

Also the long looks too long for you, and your hair is on the thin side right? Long thinner hair gets to look to be in disarray easy.. and you’re right, you’ll always where it back.

I like the length of the one with you and Scott. But you’re right there, you have to curl it to make it work. I think it has too many layers.

Some bang, maybe parted to one side or the other.
About shoulder level
Some layers towards the bottom of depth and to help hold the curl
Presto… you’re a super model…. If you get the fan blowing and do the fuzzy lens thing!!!!


Anonymous said...

I like the Bob Cut, and if it is easier, I say go for it. Make it easiest for yourself......... I have to cut and color my hair every 4 weeks... or I have the skunk look. It really isn't good...
Diane E

Anonymous said...

I still think you're stylin in #1. I agree that the long hair always gets put into a ponytail...I had the same problem. Not seeing so much of the flippy do these days. I like the bob on you.