Monday, February 9, 2009

Memorable MomentZ 2/9/09

Boy what a crazy time. Every time I turn on the news I hear about thousands of jobs being lost. And now the President that promised Change and encouraged everyone to have Hope is scolding the country for questioning his proposed bill and ideas. Bipartisan is a thing of the past and power of Presidency seems to be changing the persona of Obama himself. His once controlled, eloquent speeches are now filled with words of crisis and catastrophe; one of the many tactics he said he would not deliver. One of the saddest things I am seeing is that my future grandchildren will pay fo this administration's mistakes. It's devistating. We were promised "no ear marks, no pork" .. and weeks later he lies in front of the television that this stimulus contains none. Pelosi made a solem swear in a live interview herself. It's sad they continue to put so much effort in the blaming game - maybe that is their tactic to distract American's from what they are really doing. Because the fact of the matter is, most tax paying - or more importantly - voting American's do not care about politics. I was that person once upon a time and I will never turn back. I strive to succeed .. and the stronger government becomes, the less likely I will make my dreams come true. Now I'm quite sure there is a Liberal reading this ... ready to call me greedy or uncaring. Sorry - not going there. I give to charities.. of my choice, and I do not think the Government should force my hand at that. Wealth distribution only enables the lazy.

The speech President Obama gave tonight was pathetic. The first 8 minutes was demanding - with him looking side to side, nearly shaking his head. Delivered well .. only because of his precious teleprompters. Then.. the questions came and torture began. Surely even his voters were embarrassed at his performance once he had to think of his own answers. His lack of experience was obvious. The "umm's, err's" and numerous other cliches he chosen were beaten into the ground. Several reporters asked what reassurance he could offer the American people. He answers were so long drawn out, that I forgot what the question was.

It's going to be a long 4 years ahead. George W. Bush was a terrible speaker.. and spent money like a drunk sailor - but tonight, Obama made him look like a genious!

The stimulus (or Porkulus as many conservatives like to call it) bill is a joke. Will tax payers wake up and smell the roses before it's too late? The clock is ticking. Educate yourself if you haven't yet. Check out The pork is so thick ... no knife will cut through it. Dems are trying to scare everyone to move it through FAST, before the vast majority find out what is actually in it. Money for STD's in the bill ? Only one example - that will NOT stimulate our economy, it only lines the pockets of the lobbyists the Dem's have a debt to pay to.

Ok.. enough of that - that is if I havent lost you! So you are wondering WTF .. this isn't my typical Memorable MomentZ is it?! Well.. I couldnt help myself. I could go on .. and on, but I will save that for Facebook or Twitter for now! :)

I will close with some special pictures taken at the park yesterday. It was the first spring like day, so the park was more like a zoo!

I'm telling ya ... it was a zoo!

Oh and here is a fun pic ... first time the girl's figured out the sit and spin TOGETHER! :)

UPDATE... thanks to all for sharing your opinion on my hair style! I had it cut and stayed with the bob angle - really no other choice considering the length in the back. Now Caroline and I are twins :)

So the question is .... does Sophie look like me, at all? I don't think so! She's a Becker hands down :) Just look at this red hair and fair skin - not the genes of a Rajala!

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Danielle said...

Ok, first I want to say that your kids are adorable!!! I love the last two pics...Sophie's sweet little face...I could just kiss those cheeks off :) And no she doesn't look like you, but hey at least you have one that looks like you, I didn't even get that!! But second I have to say that I too am appalled at the way that man can look straight into the camera, and the American people's eyes, and lie to them! With such is very frightening. If only the average American would NOT take his word for it and actually look up the stimulous bill for themselves and read it. Then they would know the cold hard truth...that our new president is a LIAR and a THIEF of the taxpayers!!! ARGH I just felt like screaming last night!!! Ok, so that is my soapbox :)

Love ya girl!