Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day 3 in Viginia

The days here at Bettie's home are flying by so quickly. With 6 kids buzzing around, there is very little down time! Yesterday was a day of organizing and unpacking a few leftover boxes from her move. We then took off with Caroline & Rebekah to fetchsome groceries to make RUNSAS and PASTIES (family recipe) this weekend. At Sam's Club they both fit in the front seat - surprising they made it thru the store w/o fighting! Guess cuz they didnt have any toys to call MINE! We are also on the hunt for several items to get her plasma tv hung.. only to find out we could not get a replacement charger for her cordless drill. So our plans to hang curtains and other small projects are on hold until we find that. She has most everything unpacked - so decorating is the task at hand while I am here. Their house is a beautiful big house finally her family has some elbow room! Last night was not so fun. Caroline became ill .. literally. Out of no where she started throwing up around 7pm. I cuddled with her and got her down to bed .. not before throwing up one more time. I laid out comforters and towels beside my bed for her to sleep - luckily since she was up 4x during the night. She begged for water.. and that kept her from sleeping in the end. I think around 3:30am was the last little spit. The poor girl .. she was so scared, she simply didn't know what was happening. Today she does seem better, but her appetite is pretty much non-existence. So today ... is a lay low kind of day. Hoping this passes and tomorrow we can hit the road between naps to see some of the sights here in Virginia. I hear Williamsburg is a must see! We're hoping by days end that Scott/daddy gets SKYPE up and running so he can chat with the girls with video.

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Danielle said...

Hey Becky Sue! I am so so sorry about Caroline getting sick...there's nothing worse than watching your baby suffer through the throwing up process!! I didn't know that you all had skype...we do too!! We will have to try to talk sometime :) I hope you and the girls and your family have a wonderful remaining visit!! Talk to you soon...