Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day 5 in Virginia

Yesterday was quite a day took the entire afternoon to get Bettie's plasma tv hung on the wall! Building the bracing in the Lcove for a regular deep tv was the biggest job - one that I wouldve happily assigned to my hubby if he was here! After 24+ pre-drills, bolts, screws and running to the store 3x for parts & pieces - job was finished around 730pm! Whewwieeee! It was a job! But thanks to several fone calls to my hubby, we made it through. We need to adjust the angle, other than that - Looks awesome, dontcha think?!

Today is the 5th day and we are yet to get out to see the sights of Virginia! First Caroline being ill ... and now for the last 2+ days everyone has a coughing cold - including me! It's quite a "bark", so I hate to go out and expose others to this crud. So another day of rest on the couch... but, we'll prolly hang some of her curtains/drapes, and install the new track light in the kitchen. Oh, we'll have to find some to make pasties out of the 8lbs of dough in the frig that we made last night, and make the Lucsious Pumpkin Cake for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Rest? haha... not likely!

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