Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving ..and the weekend

Well this visit here in Virginia is not meeting anyone's expectations! While we have accomplished some great things in her new house (even replaced a fluorescent light in the kitchen with a track light!)- we have not been able to get out and explore the city. First the girls .. and now it's my cold hanging on making life miserable! Started with laryngitis - and now I believe it's bronchitis of sort. So I cant carry on much of a conversation, nor do I feel like doing much of anything.. I'm a prize! Note to self - explore supplements since this is the 3rd time I've had bronchitis this year! For now... these girls are missing their daddy!

Thanksgiving Day came & went.. leaving Bettie and I both wondering, did that just happen? We chatted about it and felt similar that sometimes the holidays just dont "feel right" because we often times think back to the days of our big intermediate family together at mom/dad's. What was there... well over 20 adults/kids?! Oh the cayous! lol Nonetheless, there was something about everyone being together .. it's created a precious, lasting memory within us both. We cooked a delicious turkey with a dry rub along with mashed potatoes, broccoli/cauliflower casserole, and rolls. We kept it pretty simple .. except for dessert of course! Since none of us are big on the old fashion pumpkin pie (mom always served homemade apple.. ohh yumm at the thought!) - I made Lucious Pumpkin Cake! Looks pretty enticing huh? or maybe it's just Bettie's skills at photography!
To all family reading this ... know that you are loved and missed very much! We all wish visiting was more convenient - try not to take the family you have close for granted... ok? :}

Friday afternoon I got cabin fever, so we ventured out for a couple of hours to go to the Bluebird Gap Farm. It was so fun to watch the girls interact with the animals! Caroline took the cake with the ducks - she was screaming with excitement and thus the ducks started making a"SHHHH" with her finger at her lips and yelled "BE QUIET" - a kodak moment to say the least! check out the video below :)
HERE to see all the photos that Bettie snapped. It was good to get a little fresh air and see the kids have some fun.

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Mel said...

Sounds like a great time!!! And it also sounds like you are busy..