Monday, January 5, 2009

MondayZ Memorable MomentZ 1/5

Just cuz I like the letter Z... I had to stem off ... stupid? ok, so what. best I got right now!
So this is another attempt to create a memorial blog.. even if for myself.. or better yet for the girls. That is if there is such a thing as saving an archive of this for YEARS to come?!
So you need to stay tuned because Tuesdays will be :
Tuesday Tribute! Anyhoo.. MondayZ I am going to attempt to be as regular as I have the ability to give a short blog about all the Memorable MomentZ of the week's past that I experience with my girls. Whether they are UpZ or DownZ! So here goes....
  • Every night Scott puts Sophie to bed, not because I do not want to, but becuz Caroline will only let me put her to bed. Shared responsibility is what you call that! So.. the ritual is heading to brush teeth - first her sucking tooth paste, then it's my turn to do the real deal. She's graduated, she now knows how to spit! yeahh.. now if I could get her to stop sucking the toothpaste.
  • On the note of bedtime.. we move into chasing her for the change into PJ's. Not so fun. Most of the time I get kicked where I don't want to be kicked and she laughs. Not funny. But she is cute. God bless her. Now if we havent read a book downstairs, now is the time to pick 1-2 books. Thereafter that process the ritual gets a little cute! First we must sing Twinkle Twinkle (together)... and then Itsie Bitsie Spider. Then finally her prayers. I have hung on her wall an embroidery that my mom made me for my room (!) that has a short prayer (see photo).. then ...AMEN! We've been saying it for 2-3 months and she is starting to help say it - so proud of her! Ok.. thereafter.. I give (on demand) 2-3 BIGGG hugs.. and BIGGG kisses, and I might escape w/o another trip to her room. Whew... I count my blessings that I do not have to lay with her, but that is a lot of work!
  • Sophie... wow she is SUCH A PEANUT. Petite thing she is. Her hair is getting so friggin long. She tries to repeat every word - and it floors me! She is our baby! It truly blows me away. But her red head scares the crap out of me and I cant sugar coat that! Her tantrums are not far off of Caroline's - so I am scared of her getting into her 3's.. Very. God help and bless me!
  • Caroline's tantrums. Did I mention God help me? I'm reading books, they give me some hope... and little help. I guess I need to read more. A whole lotta whiny and screaming. Yo sisters... your curse came true: my daughter is as bad as you described me. #^%@! thanks.
  • Speaking of blessings, we get them all time from Caroline. If anyone sneezes or coughs, even HERSELF - she says BLESS YOU. Not sure how... or if I should correct that one. It's the one thing she does that is wayyy wrong and still friggin cute.
  • Not sure if I mentioned it before, but wow Sophie is growing FAST. She knows about 75% of her ABC's.. and she sings it! If she doesnt know the letter, she says the sound. My gifted child .. obviously. Many thanks to Leap Frog - you rock.
  • Speaking of Leap Frog.. I love it. Only because he is WAY better than Teletubbies - I did begin to think I was going to lose my mind if I had to listen to Teletubbies with both girls! Sophie is on the fast track now... so I am spared. So are they, they just don't know it. Hey Dipsie.. Po.. LaLa.. and Tinkie Winkie... go find a hole, I mean HOME.. somewhere else! FYI: I have a 16 DVD set for sale!! whoo hooo! And hey.. in case you are Chinese, they are broadcasted in both languages! All yours for just $75! Bargain of the year, no doubt about it. Wait... I might pay you to take them..
  • Caroline again.. she is cute beyond belief. She now loves to play house, dress up or anything else that mirrors me. God Bless her again. These days I find myself saying... "there's a reason he makes 'em that cute" ! She has 5 pairs of heels - almost more than me!
Ok.. so that's it for this week.. feeling lame, but I just came up with this idea! Next week I promise to be more fulfilling and meaningful .. maybe. Until then I hope and pray that I find more JOYS in the Memorable MomentZ my girls deliver in the week ahead!


Mel said...

Love the Memoriable Mondaz!!!

ParentingPink said...

I love your "bedtime rituals". We have similar ones in our house too. Btw, LOVE, LOVE the name of your daughter - Caroline. My 22 month old has the same name!

Thanks for your "warning" re: the South Beach diet. I've done lots of research and I know that this is not a perminant solution to weight loss. I plan on adding whole wheat carbs back into my diet next week. You are right, you must find a healthy balance and stick to it :-)