Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

Tuesday Tribute... a new idea, tradition or agenda item for me! I thought it was unique and it would help me figure out what the direction or feel my blog will take on! What is it? It's a tribute to whatever or whomever I decide to blog about! But.. not me! So stay tuned... one week it could be YOU! Click on the logo above to know more, or would like to join in!

So here goes... STACI, my neighbor, my friend. She is the person that first popped into my head, why? Because I feel blessed to have her in my life these days! She has seen me at my best, worst.. and just plain ole everyday boring self - yet she accepts and loves me whenever I see her! And if you have toddlers, or remember when yours were young, the fact is I do not get out much! So my visits with her (and her hubby!) are sometimes the highlight of my week!

I must say she is an amazing cook! She is one of those ladies from the old school who need no recipe! Her "sauce" (for spaghetti, ziti, etc) takes 1-2 days to make and it's tastier than anything I've ever had! We enjoy sharing awesome recipes and I often times run up new things for her approval/taste testing! Otherwise you can often times find me visiting in their kitchen when the kiddies are fast asleep. We have solved many world problems during our long chats! It's so fun to have her as my neighbor!

She is generous, gracious.. and both of my girls love her/them dearly. It's a joy to watch a relationship grow between her and my girls, especially since we do not have any family in our state. I value her more than she could possibly realize. My youngest daughter is the luckiest of all - she is her God Daughter! The picture below was taken 9/9/07 at Sophie's baptism.
In 3-5 years our family plan is to build a home in Dacula. We are excited and full of anticipation about it. But... I, nor my girls, want to think of the day that Staci is not next door. STACI I LOVE YOU! Maybe.. just maybe you might consider moving too one day? :) Just dang... had to end that with a tear.. sorry! HugZZZ

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