Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolution

So what is in a "New Year's Resolution"? When I think back to all the resolutions in the past, I find myself feeling disappointed - other than 2002 when I FINALLY quit smoking! I'm irritated with the word "Change", but.. alas, I do want it ... just not in the way it's been proposed in the media! I dont want this to be about politics... that's another day.. and another over due post in the near future.

Last week it came to me: 2009 I will get my life back! First I wanted to rethink "resolution" - so I turned to Wiktionary and found it's definition:
A statement, a vow, intent. I like the VOW part... it helps brings the concept of the resolution to deeper meaning for me. Just as I believe dreams turn into goals and goals turn into reality .. my resolution/vow shall turn into reality too! Now I'm going to stand up on stage and spill it, for the world to see.

The last 7 years I served as a volunteer with a business association the National Kitchen & Bath Association at the State Chapter level - I held positions as Secretary, Programs and President. I put my ALL into it. I was benefited with great friendships, valuable networking, great educational opportunities and even some fun travels. While I am a true believer that "you get what you put into it" .. I think I took it a bit too far, and more importantly, too long. To the point it was integrated deeply into my life; it became personal, and my family took the back burner .. and I could blame no one but myself! 2008 was a wake up call - I was faced with challenges that simply burned me out. I find it sad that it had to end in that manner, but I think it may have been the only way for me to wake up and move on to the next stage. Now I am looking forward to being in the shadows at NKBA events and be honored as the Immediate Past President with no obligations or responsibilities!

So the next stage is what? Whoops I'm late! When I think of all the time I now have for myself, my family and my career - I really do not know where to begin. For starters I need to start with me. My health, both mental and physical, have taken a serious toll trying to balance out life with career, NKBA, marriage and having babies. And as I hear my DH say "If momma ain't happy.. no one is!". While it's harsh, it's real, and I know it!

So... I am going to take baby steps - and some of it needs to be away from my computer! Since my design work has me on a computer, it's easy to fill those open hours with blogging, and searching the web. And being my computer is right in the middle of our living space in an armoire, I can have it any time.. any minute. So #1 is shutting off my computer for a few hours during the day. Afterall, I have my Blackberry that delivers anytime/any place! I would love to work out more, do more activities with my daughters, spend more time with my husband (who has probably paid the biggest price!), and give more time to my personal friends.

As for ME.. that is probably the easiest part. Working out is something I really enjoy, and the benefits are huge! But what about the others? Many times I have felt like I only shuffle my girls around, letting the TV do the teaching. What kind of MOM is that? But where do I begin? Really.. what should I be doing? These baby/toddler years will fly by (I hope! haha)... so what can I do to make the most of them? I will blog about it.. I will reach out to other moms for guidance - I desperately need it! Got any? .... I would love to hear from yoU! Then, there's my dear husband. We've been stressed out at times figuring out this whole parenting thing, and our marriage has really been put on the back burner. I know it's common with kids at this age, but that doesn't mean we/I can't do better. Reality is we have the time, we just need to dedicate some to one another. Shut the tv off and just be together, go back to talking more. Loving each other more. And lastly.. my family and friends old and new. I plan to keep in touch better, show that I DO care... and grow together. Don't let life slip by without sharing it! I have been blessed with some new friends who have children the same age - and I will not take that for granted! In fact... I may lean on those friendships now more than ever! :) Ready? :)

I'm tenacious .. I am shining example of SISU. Success is the only option! I dont have any serious checklists or agendas .. I am just going to give the time, and take it slow. I WILL figure out who and what I am these days. I will be happier, and so will my family. We will laugh more and cry/scream less!!
Getting my life back will be the healthiest choice I've made in a very very long time! Here's to ALL of our dreams, goals, vows or resolutions to come true in 2009!


Rhonda Jarrad said...

I can totally relate to everything! I think mom's can put our health and well being last. We worry about everything else first and it is only a matter of time before it all comes to a head! I too struggle with balancing family and other volunteer things. Mine recently was church work, last time was college student president,and the list goes on. I think it is in our Rajala blood. LOL! We are very strong willed and put 110 percent into all we do. Not a bad trait, just need to learn how to balance it all! It is refreshing to hear someone going through so much of the same things as myself. I too am going to try to get back to getting my body and mind healthier, focusing more on the kids and not extra volunteer responsiblities and of course taking more time with my hubby...He too is just like your husband. Being patient while I figure out what I need. When all along it has been right in front of me..Jerry and the kids! Your kids and hubby are blessed to have you and I am glad to have connected with u after all these years! I am inspired by your blog and here for u if you need it! Happy New Year to u and your family! Luv R

Jen @ JenuineJen said...

You have some good vows. I hope that you get your life back in 2009. I volunteer for so many different activities. In 2009, My husband and I are focusing more on rebuilding our finances and building new businesses. As a result I am going to put many of my volunteer activities on the back burner and turn off the television more often. Our children are still the highest priority and we are developing businesses that we can work around their school and awake hours.

Anonymous said...

Very proud for you -You go girl and remember what Matters most! Happy new year!"

Lisa C.

My Trendy Tykes said...

Here's hoping 2009 treats you well !!

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog today.