Monday, January 26, 2009

MondayZ Memorable MomentZ 1/26

  • I was a brave soul this past week. The first time I took Caroline AND Sophie into the sauna by myself! In fact, it was Sophie's 1st time ever! She has missed it in the past because of her early bedtime routine. They both did great; I use a big deep tub, so they stay cool even when I throw water on.
  • Once again I must elaborate on Caroline's bedtime ritual :) Here is a cute video of her saying her prayers. By the way, the prayer I'm teaching her is the same one I said as a child. See photo - my mother made this wall hanging :) It's one of those traditions I am passing on to my girls - that I hold very tender to my heart. We have been saying this prayer for a few months now - but just recently did she start saying it with me!
  • Caroline now blow dries her own hair.. hanging over the whole house humidifier!
  • It's been so neat to watch Caroline becomes friend's with Josie, Doug & Danielle's cute daughter. Other than a couple of kids at daycare, this is the first child she is getting to hang out with! While we hang out as parents of course! We've had a couple of playdates together - and we're really looking forward to getting out this summer to do more together! Look at how cute these 2/3 yr olds pose together! Makes my heart melt!
  • Caroline has been a bigger challenge these days. Sadly she has taken a step backwards and is having accidents in her panties. Ive tried encouraging.. and even scolding, and nothing seems to be working :( It seems like she is just being lazy. Prayin this will pass soon! Im all ears for recommendations!
  • Lastly I captured a precious moment of daddy with his girls on the couch. The girls just love cuddling with their "baydos" (Finnish saying for blanket - Im sure my spelling is way off) watching Nickelodeon Jr. or Sprout TV shows. Sisu came to their feet wanting in on the love too.


Halftime Lessons said...

Enjoyed your pictures...great shot of the girls with their Daddy.


Danielle said...

Awww....we love you too Becker family :) That picture of Scott and the girls is Priceless!! And the one of Josie, a.k.a Snow White, and Caroline is just adorable! Please email it! We need to get together again soon...what does your next week look like? Maybe Tuesday? Oh and I hear ya on the panties getting wet again...I had to start "scolding" Josie and it seems to have worked. But I would tell her right after she pee peed on the potty that if she let her panties get wet the next time, she was going to get in trouble...probably not the technique recommended by all of the books but hey, it worked for her! She seems to do better when she knows ahead of time, and when I continue to remind her, that there will be a consequence if she does this. Anyhow, just food for thought! Call me or email or FB about next week!!