Monday, December 1, 2008

Last day in Virginia... VERY eventful

This evening is the close to our 11 day visit in Suffolk. It is bittersweet - I dearly miss my husband (home & bed!), but leaving my sister & nieces/nephews will be sad. I am sorry that a great deal of our time here was spoiled with sickness, which often time dealt out irritability. I had so many other aspirations of this visit. I would have liked to have done more activities with the kids.. and talk more with my sister - but all was hard with laryngitis and coughing spells! I know I should not dwell .. I need to try to make it up to all of them next time!
Today I wised up... called my doctor back home and explained my, all too frequent, symptoms .. and they called in some antibiotics. I'm quite sure I have bronchitis once again. I guess i should be thankful I dont have a fever, etc. to go with this.

So we had hopes of hitting the town, sick or not, today - after a morning of Bettie and I showing each other resources of puter programs we made it out in the afternoon to head to the Virginia Children's Museum. The plan was for all of us to be dropped off there while Bettie took Noah to the doctor. Well... first big bump in the road: walked up to the door "CLOSED ON MONDAYS"! What are the odds?! Ok.. don't answer that, I know the answer. Thereafter the two 3yr olds in the truck say "I gotta go potty" - uggh. We are in downtown Portsmouth.. historic/old place, not many options! We see a Vistor's Center in an old building, so we get the girls out of the truck... and bump #2. Door locked. *deep sigh* We ended up using a hotel lobby restroom - there were no other choices!
So backup plan for our next move... #3 we didnt have one! So.. all else fails go to the library .. so off we go. I get dropped with my 2 girls and niece Rachel - all others go to the doc appt. The next 20 mins was living.... H, E, double hockey stick!! #4 might I add! The library had computers with kid keyboards, and well to cut to the chase, both of my girls wanted that and nothing else!!! Even though this particular library had walls around the children's room, I am quite sure the tantrum screams rang through and through! I ran out of tricks fast and ran out with both girls screaming to the entrance lobby. I counted the mins til Bettie met us a the grocery store next door to pick up groceries and be on our way. I will spare you the details of the next 60 mins.. even though I'm quite sure I'm missing a bump or two~
It was relieving to head back 'home' ... no major tantrums from any of the 6 kids, just the typical whining and bickering one might expect. The last stop was Walgreens to get my prescription.. and you guessed it #5 - nothing could go smooth! haha Drive thru took over well over 15mins.. and low and behold, the 3yr olds had to go potty again! Oh what fun!
I did had one precious moment to end the rough ride we had just experienced.... Sophie picking up "Mommie"... hence the video! Yet another great moment I've caught on my new blackberry curve - what an awesome piece of technology!
Today was eventful by all means.. just not nearly what we had planned!
So tomorrow morning we shall leave by 7:45am to head to the airport. Scott I know will be waiting anxiously in the Atlanta airport at 11:30am. Please pray for safe travels for us to return to our home and our very much appreciated, dearly loved and very much missed daddy/husband! We have a crazy week ahead to catch up and to Christmas decorate!
To Bettie...and Jesse, Rachel, Noah and Rebeka: THANK YOU for opening your home to us, sharing your lives, and making sacrifices in your schedules. I hope next time our visit will be more pleasant and enjoyable for all of us! Sorry for being such a crabby sick butthead!
And to my SAUNA at home.... here I come, be hot and ready!!

FYI: I updated several photos to our Family Photo Album, labeled Virginia Trip- see the valued links section on the right side of this webpage!

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Hope you are home sweet home!!!