Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blast from the past..

This past weekend we had a very enjoyable blast from the past! Doug & Danielle Moore came over for dinner - They live 15 mins away but the fun part is that we met them in Aruba back in '04! The odds are amazing! I recall it well.. I met Danielle and her mom in the ladies room.. and I complimented Danielle on her GORGEOUS dress... gosh she is a pretty lady!
We had the same flight home, which was delayed like 7
HOURS (&!%$@!) .. but the blessing was we had some great new friends to visit with! (1st picture shown is at the airport!) Back then we all met as newlyweds.. footloose and traveling fools - and now we are grounded and grown with each have 2 kids beautiful children. Times have changed! So here we are 4 years later, longgg overdue for all 4 of us to get together! We had such an enjoyable visit with them. No one had to apologize for the numerous interruptions or the craziness convincing our toddlers to SIT and EAT .. we are all in the same fun boat! I think we all entertained each other... lol ... good times :) Outside all of that, it is equally appreciated they are a fellow Christian Conservative family!

photos here are of Josie and Caroline, they are about 6 months apart in age - they really seemed to play pretty good together. Josie is such a sweetie! I look forward to watching them become closer playmates! I'm sorry that I didnt get photos of their handsome lil boy Simpson too! Next time...
In fact may be sooner than later.. we all are anxious to take our kids to the Georgia Aquarium. Just imagine the fun they will have! Hopefully I will have some very funny things to blog about!
Check out Danielle's blog and her beautiful family: Blessings from Above


Danielle said...

Becky Sue, are you kidding me???? I can't believe you found that ridiculous picture!!!! What memories you brought back :) Poor Scott! You are such a doll Becky Sue...why haven't we been hanging out for the past four years?? Why in the world did it take us so long to hook on to each other? I guess I have to chalk it up to God's timing...He does have a plan for everything doesn't He?? It was so great to hang out with you and your beautiful's nice to spend time with people who have the same belief system as we do :) I think Caroline, Sophie, and Josie are going to be the best of friends; just like their mommies will be...hopefully!!! And the pictures are just precious...the girls are SO beautiful! Next time dinner is at our house....of course we will probably be having chicken :) Ha!!!!!!! Talk to you tomorrow!


Becky Sue said...

I am laughing my butt off!! I always remembered I had that photo, I was just waiting for the right time to break it out :)

I couldn't agree more... but, no sense in looking back, lets just make the most of the days ahead. You guys are great! And... we will look forward to some yummie chicken.. hehehe