Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Typical Tuesday - NOT !!

So I thought today was a typical day... entertaining the girls, killing dust bunnies by the thousands, and preparing meals. That is until 3pm when Scott arrived home and decided to work on his "homemade" log splitter! The story goes like this...
I was upstairs cleaning with the girls and hear Scott run in the house - "BRING DOWN A FIRST AID KIT". I actually didn't think much of it as first and just replied with 'what do you need?". He was cussing under his breath, so I ran downstairs. He was over the sink with pinkie finger wrapped in a rag - the tip nearly busted off. It didn't look so bad, so I tried calling our M.D. to get an appt for a simple stitching. BUT.. moments thereafter, he started to get weak in the knees as if he might even fall down! Thankfully I was close and moved a chair to him. It got stressful quick as I tried to call 911 and my neighbor (to help watch the girls).... he went into shock!! He started to sweat profusely, eyes still open... but head bobbing and even snores! It was crazy!! I tried to talk and reason him to focus on me - it was a bit scary as I had never seen anything like this before! All it all it lasted, Im guessing, 3 mins... when he finally "came to", of course he didn't remember the past moments. It was obvious the injury was much 'deeper' since it caused such severe shock!
About 5 mins after Margie (neighbor/friend) arrived; she was out running errands. Sophie was still napping so she Graciously (!) offered to take Scott to ER. Even though he thought it only needed a some calve save and guaze after going into shock! After 2 hrs at the hospital, he arrived home with a big bundled up finger in a splint and pain killers, which I'm sure he'll need! He received TWELVE, yes 12 stitches on his PINKIE finger (!) and they said he crushed the tip of the bone. But in the end.. his sparkling smile ended the day... the one I love so dear! :)
For the record.. he was pulling off the compressor, in a downwards motion - and when it let loose he was not prepared! His pinkie that was on the underside.. met the cement floor of the garage!
Men... while I have to give him credit for not crying (cuz I sure would have!) ... not admitting he need stitches was... well ... typical! Scott's ending comment "I was overdue" .. back in the day he was known in ER by first name!

The day was crazy.. in a short period of time the afternoon felt similar to the trip I took morning this morning to Wal-mart with BOTH girls! In fact... that was more challenging!
Tonight... blessings are counted - all ten of them on Scott's hands!


Mel said...

I am so thankful he is ok!!!! And yes men tend to downplay the serious...hopefully your Wed and today were much better

Danielle said...

Holy cow Becky Sue!! I would have had a heart attack if Doug had almost passed out! You kept your cool much better than I would have! And as for you Scott...BE MORE CAREFUL NEXT TIME!!! Geez...you're gonna put someone into cardiac arrest :) Can't wait to see you and the girls Monday Becky Sue!!

cr8tvjen said...

Ohmyheck that sounds SCARY! the 'calve save' killed me.--but i still think i need to pick some up just to have it on hand. :)