Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stone Mountain Christmas

Yet another adventure we did this Christmas was visiting Stone Mountain's Christmas on 12/26! We headed off mid afternoon with our friend Maria & her 2 kids. There were several shows, but not a lot of "activities"... so we struggled with the girls - see/watching shows just does not seem to be very exciting to them! That is.. unless it's Leap Frog or Dora!
Anyway.. they decorated the Crossroads area of Stone Mountain very nice.. I got some great shots, even the carving on the Mountain itself !

LARGE xmas tree by day and night!

Caroline had a blast getting some personal attention from "Mr Bubbleman!" ... he could create some awesome sights!

And Savannah and Brandon got a kick out of the HUGE drummers!

We did get to see a "Snow Angel", the Coca Cola Bear and many of Santa's helpers too. The most exciting part was riding the Train around the Mountain; Caroline loved it (squeaky track noises sometimes scared her though) ... Sophie on the other hand was not so cooperative. Her red head wanted to walk/run.. can you say T A N T R U M ?! In fact.. we almost got kicked off the train, not because we did not know the rules about standing up or tending to our kids, nor that the intercom was not working.. but because the worker had a short fuse and obviously needs a new job! Whew... there is always someone who has bigger issues in life!
The village area was lit up with a phenomenal amount of lights, but I was disappointed that it mostly all shops... none of which were friendly (in my book) for a 2 kid stroller!

While it was neat to see & visit this area of St. Mountain for the first time ... I do believe it will be at least 2 years before we pay that kind admission (monetary or otherwise!) to go back with both of them :) Unless God grants me more patience .... I don't plan to hold my breath, but I could start praying more!
I might... just MIGHT.. take Caroline back after the New Year... SNOW MOUNTAIN is coming! We were 2 days early but saw the snow making process/path was almost complete. I wonder how they will keep it up with our unpredictable winters that often times have summer days mixed in!

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Danielle said...

I think you should get that nut job fired!!! Geez...bahumbug right?? Great pictures though...I love the day/night pic of the tree! I had a great time last night and hope you guys have a great New Years!!!