Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sick of being SICK

Sick of being sick; that is I. Is it possible to have a New Year's Resolution to not be so sick?! If I'm not sick, then I've injured myself, which in my book is just as terrible! 2008 has a rough year with numerous head colds and at bronchitis 2-3x. What is most frustrating (besides the hacking) is I cannot seem to be well for a significant amount of time to get in shape! I might have 2 weeks of good health and I get back in the gym - then BAMMM, all progress goes out the window. Must be age... or is it the stress of being a parent?
I take vitamins, I get 7-8hrs of sleep - what else? We've cut back on bi-weekly chiropractic visits to save during this down time, and that has shown obvious effects. It might be worth putting that back on the budget! Suggestions would be welcomed!


Mel said...

I have a question and I am not a doctor but could you have an allergy to something that is zapping your immune system.

I have always had allergies and because of that I am prone to get sick but also because of them I have colds that go directly to bronchitis. Anyway that is a thought

Also I will pray for a healthy 2009 For YOU!!

Mel said...

oh yes and thanks for the sugg. about a darker font, hopefully the designer can do that.