Sunday, December 21, 2008

Random moments... not lost in time

All too often the days fly by and I do not get to write down what matters most - the precious moments, the things that make me smile.. and maybe sometimes cry! Here are some random moments from the recent past..
  • My girls are LOVE BUGS! Hugs and kisses are plenty, and they soften my heart and spirit when I need it the most! It is really precious to watch them adore one another. Last night I watched Sophie give Caroline a hug for the first time - Caroline looked at her in amazement and hugged her right back with a huge grin!
  • I recently purchase a DVD set of Leap Frog - all about the ABC's, words, reading and alphabet sounds, etc. BOTH of the girls are addicted! Within 2 wks Caroline learned the sound of every letter (she already knew her ABC's). The incredible thing to watch is Sophie... I know 2nd child always learns faster, but WOW - at 20 months of age she already is saying letters and sounds too. The underlying truth is I feel blessed she has no more interest in Teletubbies!! YeeeeHA!!
  • While Caroline is 3yrs old and has her moments of tantrums... it is such a joy to watch her mature (slowly!). She now enjoys spending time outdoors with daddy while he splits wood - exploring the woods and playing with our dog Sisu.
  • Sophie.... she is so darn sweet! Our little "peanut" is growing fast... and I'm trying not to miss a thing being she is our last! Even catching her learn new words or expressions is truly a joy! And while we only have 2 .. she is a bit spoiled already as the baby. It's cute though..hhaha.. ex: she doesnt like walking down the stairs - she demands to be carried down!
  • Meal time is not too enjoyable - unless it's hot dogs and mac'n cheese! We do try to do it together everyday, but it's always a convincing and bribing game. I try to give diversified foods, but their tastes change daily sometimes. Thank God I love to cook - because eating out is NOT an option! lol A trip to the grocery store or walmart is about all I can handle .. alone anyway.
  • Caroline loves to help mommie. Whether I'm cooking or cleaning she is my little helper ... lil pain in da butt is more like it.. haha j/k Sometimes I give her a spray bottle with water in it so she can clean on her own - it works! Often times she will spill stuff just so she has some reason to clean! The question is .. when will her efforts start being a benefit? :}
  • Caroline was potty trained... ugh. What is up with these set backs? It's like she has gotten lazy.. tinkles just a little bit in her panties, and sometimes even "shoeeys". Other times she goes no problem. I am feeling lost... more bribing must be in order!
  • While we are in the middle of winter, Caroline has not forgotten about the Cottage! A few times a week she mentions the cottage with the swimming and boating - the things she remembers is incredible!
  • Speaking of past times... AIRPLANE rides to visit family is definitely a fun thought that Caroline shares often. I try to show her photos of family members we've visited so she does not forget them.. until next time. Going to the local airport here is on the Things to Do list with her... we know she'll go ape watching the planes take off :)
  • Sophie picks up things out of the blow .. Click HERE to watch cute HIGH FIVES with Caroline! Or how about blowing bubbles with your spit ?! She does it when she is bored ... just too funny!
  • I mentioned crying, on my part didn't I ? I will spare the details and just say - being a MOM is wayyy harder than I ever imagined. I have 30++ (lost count actually) nieces and nephews (became an aunt when I was 7yrs old) - and I THOUGHT that kind of upbringing would prepare me... I even called myself a "Born To Be Mom". Who was I kidding ?! LOL There are many many joys like I've mentioned above.. but wow, it's hard sometimes. I feel myself growing though.. I want to be better. I give my best. I just pray it is enough and that God continues to encourage my spirit to be all that my girls (and hsuband!) need.
UPDATE on Scott's injury - Friday the stitches were taken out. Not a pretty sight and no feeling at the tip. He's off pain killers and I do believe he will live :) I'm now looking forward to him doing dishes again!

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Danielle said...

Oh Becky have inspired me to do a post dedicated to my babies...I am teary eyed right now!!! Isn't it unbelievable how fast they grow up?? Right before our eyes?? I look at Simpson and I want to cry, and ask...where did my baby go?? And you are doing a fantastic job Mommy...just keep your focus on up above and He will give you everything you need!!!!