Friday, December 26, 2008

Lake Lanier Mystical Night of Lights Tour

Christmas night we decided to try something new this year - The Mystical Night of Lights at Lake Lanier Islands! It is 6-1/2 miles of lights - and thank goodness we arrived closer to dusk! It took us well over an hour to get through. On the way out traffic was lined up for MILES! Those site seers were sure to be there for 4-5 hours! The girls did not enjoy it like we hoped for - I believe because driving was very slow. We resorted to turning on the DVD to keep them amused as we enjoyed the lights ourselves! One lesson we learned as parents... there is a HUGE price to pay keeping the girls out past bedtime! Sophie was 2hrs past, but surprising she feel right out the moment she laid down. Caroline on the other and... was exhausted and did not know how to deal with anything! It was screaming the minute we got home... whew, lots of consoling to settle her down!

Hopefully they will enjoy this video more than they did the actual event!
It was fun taking the pictures... some blurred out because of the movement, but the neat part is it shows the movement in sequence! Enjoy!


Rebecca said...

We took our 2 yr old for the first time this year. He absolutely loved it. Of course we did go earlier in the month on a Thursday at 7pm. It wasn't too bad. He even got to go meet Santa.

Danielle said...

Ok so we made a mistake :) Next year we will leave NO later than 4:30!!!
And I am so with you that those idiots lining up at 8:30 have got be nuts...I mean seriously :) But we still had a good time and Josie loved sharing the potty trip with Caroline :) Who knows, maybe it will be easier next year!!!